Free PA Motorcycle Safety Classes


While Lean Angle‘s primary area of operations is the Baltimore-DC Metro area, we quite often find our rides heading north and crossing into the Keystone State. Pennsylvania’s open farmland, rich history, and Appalachian location provides an optimum haven for motorcyclists and the state wants to make sure its riders are as safe as possible.

The Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program will be offering free classes this year to anyone who holds a valid class M or motorcycle learners permit. We thought we’d pass this along due to our close proximity to PA and series of events which the BMoreMoto folks have arranges along side the PhillyRiders Crew.

While we are always focused on having fun on our bikes (as the Lean Angle name may imply) we always maintain that rider safety should remain a top priority for anyone on two wheels regardless of riding experience. Take advantage of this free program while you can. Who knows, it may even save you a few bucks on insurance!


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