The Weather Has Arrived

It’s been a big day for Lean Angle. Not because we have a new product to review or bike to feature, but because today was our first 60 degree day here in the Mid-Atlantic. You all know what that means…riding season is officially here! We began today with our first moto-commute of the season and have to say, it felt wonderful. The weatherman is calling for 50-60 degree temps all week, so get out there on two wheels and lose yourself for a while.

If you do decide to partake in this wondrous sunshine mother nature has gifted us, Lean Angle reminds you to ride safe. There is still some sand/ salt on the roads, pothole repairs are nowhere near complete, and the drivers in cars have spent the last 5 months forgetting that motorcycles exist on the roadways. Aside from that, we all know that the first ride after a long winter can be a bit aggressive. Remember, we have an entire season in front of us, and we want you around for it!

Ride Safe.


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