We’ve Been On A Bit Of A Ducati Kick Lately…

Check out this crazy “Matador Street Fighter” from the guys over at Radical Ducati. Its based on a worked over 1198SP motor, full Ohlins suspension,  and more custom bits than you can shake a stick at. A full list consists of:

-RAD 02 Aluminium frame
-RAD 02 Aluminium subframe
-RAD 02 Aluminium swingarm
-RAD 02 ergal triple clamps yokes
-Ohlins front fork
-Brembo calipers
-Discacciati Brake and Clutch radial pump
-Discacciati  rotors
-Domino quick open gas throttle
-RAD 02 ergal clip ons
-RAD carbon fiber front mudguard
-RAD carbon fiber rear mudguard
-Discacciati rear barke kit with support ,200mm rear rotor and four piston caliper
-Ohlins rear schock
-RAD 02 Ergal regulable rear height rod
-Rizoma footrest
-Ducati 1198 SP engine: ported heads, light flywheel, EVR antihooping clutch
-Febur race water radiator
-RAD 02 carbon fiber airbox with Jet Prime special air intakes with holders for injectors.
-Super Mario 2 in1 exhaust system
-RAD “tail fish” megaphone
-RAD carbon fiber bellypan
-NGK race spark cables.
-RAD 02 electrical wiring
-Aviacompositi race dashboard
-Baylistic LIPO battery
-ITX aluminium forged wheels
-RAD 02 aluminium fuel tank
-RAD 02 carbonfiber Corsa Evo solo seat
-RAD front plate number
-Weight : 138 kg

Photos: Del Perro


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