Fastest Medic on Two Wheels: An Interview with Dr. John Hinds

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, last week the road racing world lost a legend. This particular legend didn’t have a high-profile name, nor did he have any huge merchandise trailers, or even a dedicated number. No, Dr. John Hinds is a rider you’ve probably seen tons of times, but never knew who he was, until his tragic passing last week after a wreck at the Skerries Road Races in Dublin Ireland.

Dr. Hinds was one of the unsung heroes of motorcycling. Always there to ride fast, but equally as fast to a riders side in the event of a wreck. He traveled around the world to tracks, races, outings, and any other event where bikes went fast to lend his expertise in moto-medicine.

We found the below interview with Dr. Hinds discussing some of the technicalities, risks, and jokes of motorcycle road racing. The video is rather long, but if you have 45 minutes, we highly recommend giving it a watch.


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