Rider Review: AGV AX-8 Naked Helmet

Here at Lean Angle, we are all about wearing proper gear. Its our opinion that, in certain situations and unexpected get-offs, wearing proper protection could at the very least save your skin, and very well save your life. Luckily for us, we have a rather wide network of riding buddies here in the Baltimore/ Maryland area to help us try out various pieces of gear, and provide you with accurate reviews from real riders – who will likely have the same concerns as you. In keeping with our commitment to be a blog by bikers, for bikers, today we bring you a review of the AGV AX-8 Naked helmet from one of our Lean Angle associates, Ted Redmer.

AX8 Front

Coming from a Shoei RF-1100 I was afraid that the AGV wouldn’t hang with the big kids. In some ways it doesn’t. It’s a little noisier, but not bad, the visor could go up another inch or so to be completely out of view when up, and there are no built-in pockets for speakers, but otherwise it’s a superior helmet. The view-port is insane. I can barely tell I have a helmet on, and the weight is incredible in the literal sense of the word. I can’t believe how light it is. Air flow could be better but it’s adequate. After carving out some foam to fit my comm speakers I don’t even know they’re there, though sometimes I have to unfold my ears which I had to do with the Shoei too. If the Shoei fits you, so will the AGV, I wear the same size in both. The helmet bag is the nicest I’ve owned. The visor requires a coin to swap but it’s easy enough.


Photo: Ted Redmer

We personally wear one of AGV’s other offerings, the K3 in the Rossi “Gothic” scheme on the street, and can attest to Ted’s review. AGV makes some great lids, at some even better price points. No matter what your budget, they should have something to fit your needs and look good while doing it. Indeed, one of Ted’s (and our) favorite parts of the helmet are the aggressive styling and unique look not sported by most other available lids. For those interested, Revzilla carries the lid for a retail price of $380, a more than reasonable price to protect your noggin from any unexpected impacts.

We’ve worn a lot of gear over here at Lean Angle, and unfortunately have had the opportunity to crash-test some of it as well. One thing is for sure, If you do decide to pick up an AGV lid, you certainly won’t be disappointed. Stay tuned for more gear reviews from us here in the future. And remember, when life throws a curve, lean into it.


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