BREAKING: Hero Motor Corp Purchases Eric Buell Racing

You may remember just over 3 months ago when Lean Angle featured an article about the untimely demise of Eric Buell Racing yet again.

Photo by Drew Ruiz/EBR

Photo by Drew Ruiz/EBR

Well today, according to a Thai-based outlet, EBR is set to become wholly owned by Hero Motor CorpIn its previous life, EBR was actually partly owned by Hero, and had an agreement to produce a motor for the Indian company’s growing line of bikes, after a split from Honda.

It is reported that the buyout means that now EBR is 100% owned by the Indian parent company, though Erik himself has reportedly been offered a full-time position with the company. In addition to keeping one of the most innovative motorcycle designers of our era, EBR will reportedly retain its track racing program. Meaning that they could return to WSBK competition in 2016.

Personally, we are excited to see Buell have another go at it, and hopefully with the backing of their Indian parents to run the business side of things, Erik will be able to focus on what he does best: bringing technical innovation to the motorcycling community.

As of 7/24 neither EBR, nor Hero has released an official statement as to the buyout. They say if it sounds too good to be true it probably is, but in this case, we hope our sources are reliable and we will soon see the Wisconsin-based company’s bikes back on the road.


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