After Action Report: Bikes, Bees, and Boats

The week back after a vacation is always the roughest. It’s no different here at Lean Angle. After a hectic week consisting of not only publishing our usual rider profiles, but also the launch of Lean Angle’s first shirt (which we are setting up a group buy on by the way), a wonderful weekend of two wheeled twisties is exactly what the doctor ordered.


We started our weekend early on Saturday with a group of four bikes. Normally, we like to utilize the rolling hills North of Baltimore as our usual stomping ground, but have been making an effort to explore the rest of the awesome roads that we have been gifted with all across the Free State. So we headed south, down to Crofton, for a ride which our buddy Wes was kind enough to lad us on around the Annapolis/ Severna park area. The ride itself consisted of a 10:00 kickoff and a 65 mile loop which took us down some of the same roads from out last weekend’s trip down to MIR such as Rutland and Rossback Rd. The ride went without incident at a spirited “B-Pace” until we got about 10 miles from our final destination where yours truly decided to get up-close and personal with some local wildlife.



Leather gear is a great thing in-case you find yourself sliding across the tarmac. One of its downsides however, is that it traps not only heat, but also anything else which finds its way inside your suit. So at 60mph in the middle of a turn, being met with a sweat bee who sings you in the neck before falling inside your collar and proceeding with its onslaught is a rather eye-opening experience. After doing my best “Shake It Off” dance and managing to open my jacket at full speed like something out of a Flock of Seagulls video, I got rid of the insect and we continued to the finish of our ride, where we got the chance to check out a brand new BMW R1200 and make some new friends.



We then wrapped up the afternoon by heading out for some BBQ with our ever-accepting better half while on the bike, and picking up a gently used Alpinestars GP Plus R jacket from a friend.

New gear obviously means you have to test it out. So Sunday we woke up at the butt-crack of dawn and decided to do it all over again. I headed north to Hunt Valley to meet up with a few more of the BMoreMoto guys for a trip up North to enjoy some waterfront scenery. We headed out Paper Mill road and crisscrossed the roads in Northern Baltimore County before making our way towards Jarrettsville and heading east. We took route 23 up though Rocks State Park and then made our way cross the Conowingo dam before a water break at Lee’s Landing Dock Bar. From here, our super-moto and Ducati friends peeled off while a few of the original lean angle members continued north east with a final destination of the Chesapeake Inn in Chesapeake City.






There was one distinct member missing from this trip, Lean Angle’s resident Instagram bro, Chris headed out west with a friend of ours to scout some new roads and get a handle on his new Fireblade. He spent his morning putting in over 200 miles starting out dead north along the Susquehanna river before heading west through PA and up into the mountains. After his off, Chris is dedicating a lot of his time to riding at “The Pace” which is a method we have recommended in the past here at Lean Angle. The scenic open sweepers and tight twisties of the Appalachian Mountains are the perfect setting to learn the foundations of riding, or get your bearings back after a rough shake-up.


After all was said and done, the Lean Angle crew put in some serious mileage his weekend and touched about every part of Maryland before all was said and done. And with only one near-death experience caused by bees, we consider our rides a very relaxing success. So where did you go on your bike this weekend? Let us know by following our page, commenting on our Facebook, and sending us pics of your adventures for our Instagram. And remember, when life throws a curve, lean into it.


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