Back-Roads to Gettysburg: A Historically Fun Weekend

One of the best parts of living in the Mid-Atlantic, besides the amazing roads, is our close proximity to a ton of history and interesting places. So this weekend, in order to celebrate Lean Angle founder Rob’s birthday, we decided to take a little romp North to PA to check out one of the most important battlefields of our country’s history: Gettysburg.

IMG_20150815_092751_911 (1)

Being a special occasion, we elected to make this one of our more “spirited” runs, so we kept our riders limited to those with some experience behind bars. We wanted to keep the pace up on this one for maximum enjoyment. We met for a 9:00 start with a 9:30 kickstand up time at our favorite local Royal Farms gas station. The group which assembled ended up being 9 bikes all together ranging from a host of Yamahas, to a few CBR1000s, and even an Aprillia and KTM Superduke!

IMG_20150815_093015_521 (1)

We left the route leadership to a close friend of the Lean Angle crew, Paul, who never fails to deliver on his statement that he can get us anywhere on the east coast without hitting so much as a stoplight. We headed north from our meetup point, through a few local roads to avoid a detour on Falls Rd and up into Carrol County. While unfortunately, our Rever app failed to track our route, a few memorable road names from our trip include Stone Rd., W. Confederate Ave through the battlefield and Deep Run Rd. on our way back home.


IMG_20150815_110859_190 (1)

IMG_20150815_114319_584 (1)

When we got to Gettysburg, we took a quick ride through the battlefield. We ran along a road that was laid along the former battlements of the Army of Northern Virginia. We stopped and snapped a pic next to the monument for Wilcox’s brigade, before mounting back up and heading into town to grab lunch at O’Rorke’s restaurant. After a few minutes sorting out a place to park (thanks to a local motel owner for the accommodations), we sat down for a bite. After the rider refreshments, we got back on the bikes and headed back South, towards Baltimore. While a few of the bikes split off to their own agendas, the rest of the crew headed into Canton to meet with some friends over at Baltimore Area Ducati for some pirate juice at Plug Ugly’s.


Sunday, the Lean Angle crew decided to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn (or maybe that was just the hangover talking) to head North along 95 to meet a fellow rider who made the trip down from Philly. The purpose of our ride this morning would be to scout roads and set a route for a large annul group ride that we call THUNDERFUCK. What is that you may ask? Simply put, Its a gathering of riders from all across the Mid-Atlantic region to take a short scenic ride together once a year. Riders usually come from PA, DE, DC, MD, and VA, for an afternoon of riding and catching up with some familiar faces. This year, we anticipate the event to be bigger than ever, and thus, making sure we have a smooth route set is of top priority. The ride isn’t until 8/23 so if you are in the area, give us a shout, we’d love to meet you!


Thanks for checking out our weekend recap. Stay tuned next week for a full report on the debauchery that will inevitably be our THUNDERFUCK ride, it should be a good one. Until then, keep it shiny side up. And remember, when life throws a curve, lean into it.

Video Credits: Trey Morita

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