Mods Vs. Rockers: A Rockin’ Good Time

Baltimore has always been a town that embraces the “alternative” styles, and the local’s fondness of Hairspray speaks volumes to the city’s roots. So once a year, an event is held at the local American Legion hall to celebrate classic cycles and a celebrated battle dating back to the early 60’s and 70’s all the way from London: Mods Vs. Rockers.



Mother nature gave us a beautiful Sunday to celebrate the early biker culture. The event was only a short trip from the Lean Angle home base, so I met up with a buddy Andrew who rides an awesome 1989 Honda GB500. He took runner-up in his class last year with one of the rarest bikes you’ll see at these shows.


Andrew and I made the short trip down Dundalk Ave to the American Legion post right around 12:30 and found festivities already in full swing. There was music from local bands, tons of vendors and old friends, and even a sideshow with a woman who found it enjoyable to plant her face into a pile of broken glass.


Seeing one GB500 in the wild is rare. There were 4 of them at this show!


Not to be outdone by the strong showing of Triumphs, Enfields, and old-school Hondas, This beautiful BSA made an appearance.


The sideshows didn’t really appear to us, and we generally have enough “fun” on our bikes that alcohol doesn’t mix well, so we just stuck to checking out the bikes. We did however run into more than a few friends to pal around with, including some of the guys over at DC Triumph, DC Motobabes, and DC Moto.


This bike was built by one of the guys over at DC Triumph from the ground up. He only has about $600 in the whole bike!


Beautiful one-off chopper built around a CB750 motor.



Metric chopper’s for the more extreme rockers out there.


This ’66 SuperHawk was one of the most beautiful bikes on the concourse.


2 Smoke Love! This RZ250 certainly piqued our interest.



We spotted a familiar name in the crown. This Bimmer is owned by Bob from Bob’s BMW


This beautiful Triumph was fully custom. She was created by using the parts from 3 different models, along with some entirely custom parts.



Bloody Mods…


We arent sure what it used to be, but it is now “El Coucho” the most evil mod in Baltimore, striking fear into the hearts of rockers everywhere.


We had a limited time and a few prior commitments to keep to, so we ducked out early around 2:30, but a few of the guys from the BMoreMoto crew who stuck around maintained that a wonderful time was had by all.

Did you have a rockin’ weekend? Maybe you spent all weekend modding you bike? Either way, let us know on our Facebook page and remember, when life throws a curve, lean into it.


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