Blow It Out Your Gas: /ENGINEERED Explains Exhaust

If you own a bike, you will want to modify it. This is moto-gospel. I know people who have bought bikes, never having been on one and dump the MSRP equivalent of accessories on before they even have their first serving of bug-based meal at speed. And when you modify your bike (or car), what will be the first big-ticket item you change? The exhaust. Why? Because we are moto-people! We understand how our vehicles work and devote precious time, and money to make them do that work better, faster, or stronger. We are different than your average cage-commuting 9 to 5’er and we want the whole world to know it!

So if you are going to head down this road. The one where 401K becomes the mileage you want your vehicle to last rather than a retirement plan, its best to understand how the mods you are going to do work. And since you are going to start with the exhaust, take some time to check out this video from /ENGINEERED where Richard Waitas, Senior Manager at Magnaflow, breaks down exactly how exhaust gas evacuation works and how to get the best performance for your ride.


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