Honda Confirms: New V4 Superbike!

Fresh off the press: Honda has confirmed they are working on the development of a new 4 Superbike to be sold along side it’s new CBR1000RR Fireblade. The new RVF1000 will likely be a direct, consumer available, trickle-down version of the RC213V-S MotoGP bikes built to compete with Yamaha’s YZF-R1M, Aprilia’s RSV4 RF, and the Ducati Panigale R.

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Blow It Out Your Gas: /ENGINEERED Explains Exhaust

If you own a bike, you will want to modify it. This is moto-gospel. I know people who have bought bikes, never having been on one and dump the MSRP equivalent of accessories on before they even have their first serving of bug-based meal at speed. And when you modify your bike (or car), what will be the first big-ticket item you change? The exhaust. Continue reading

Mods Vs. Rockers: A Rockin’ Good Time

Baltimore has always been a town that embraces the “alternative” styles, and the local’s fondness of Hairspray speaks volumes to the city’s roots. So once a year, an event is held at the local American Legion hall to celebrate classic cycles and a celebrated battle dating back to the early 60’s and 70’s all the way from London: Mods Vs. Rockers.



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THUNDERFUCK ’15: The Return of The Beast

Every now and then, you and some friends put together some crazy idea that eventually takes off and then spirals out of control. For us, Thunderfuck was that idea. So what the heck is THUNDERFUCK? Well, last year, before Lean Angle even existed, The BMoreMoto group we ride with arranged a little meet with our reddit counterparts, PhillyRiders and DCMoto to do a big group ride for the whole Mid-Atlantic region. After last year’s success with about 30 riders, we knew this would have to be an annual occasion.


This year, Chris and Rob decided that we had to outdo our previous showing; more planning, more organization, and most importantly, MORE BIKES.  We notified the masses a month and a half in advance, and met up ahead of time with our Philly group-leading counterpart Derek to scout the meet-up spot and route for the group.  This is when he told us that Philly had a mission: to bring more bikes than the Baltimore crew. The game was on.

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Back-Roads to Gettysburg: A Historically Fun Weekend

One of the best parts of living in the Mid-Atlantic, besides the amazing roads, is our close proximity to a ton of history and interesting places. So this weekend, in order to celebrate Lean Angle founder Rob’s birthday, we decided to take a little romp North to PA to check out one of the most important battlefields of our country’s history: Gettysburg.

IMG_20150815_092751_911 (1)

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After Action Report: Bikes, Bees, and Boats

The week back after a vacation is always the roughest. It’s no different here at Lean Angle. After a hectic week consisting of not only publishing our usual rider profiles, but also the launch of Lean Angle’s first shirt (which we are setting up a group buy on by the way), a wonderful weekend of two wheeled twisties is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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Sick Lean X Lean Angle Shirts Now Available!

Yesterday, We brought you a rider spotlight on Jonathan Ringeisen, a vet and CCS racer living the moto dream through his race-inspired clothing line Sick Lean. We had such a great time working with him that we decided to link up to bring you the very first Sick Lean & Lean Angle Moto Collaboration T-Shirt!

Squeeze Twist Slide Lean T-Shirt
Doctors say you should eat 3 square meals a day. We here at Lean Angle are hungry for a fourth though, so we bring you our collaboration featuring the four square meals of cornering: “Squeeze, Twist, Slide, Lean”!

Check out the “Shop” Tab at the top of this page to visit the Sick Lean Store and place an order for one for yourself!

Rider Spotlight: Jon Ringeisen of Sick Lean

“Chase your dreams” something that is often said, but rarely actually done. So when we met Jon Ringeisen, a fellow rider, and racer in the CCS series who was doing just that, we quickly took interest. You see, Jon is living the moto-dream – thanks to hard work, a supportive wife, and a blooming line of bike apparel by the name of Sick Lean.


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