After Action Report: WPGC BikeFest/ MIROCK Drag Bikes at MIR!

On this beautiful sunny Sunday, the Lean Angle crew took it upon themselves to link up with a few more riders from BMoreMoto and plan a trip down to Southern Maryland for WPGC BikeFest and the MIROCK Superbike Series at Maryland International Raceway.


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BREAKING: Hero Motor Corp Purchases Eric Buell Racing

You may remember just over 3 months ago when Lean Angle featured an article about the untimely demise of Eric Buell Racing yet again.

Photo by Drew Ruiz/EBR

Photo by Drew Ruiz/EBR

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Rider Review: AGV AX-8 Naked Helmet

Here at Lean Angle, we are all about wearing proper gear. Its our opinion that, in certain situations and unexpected get-offs, wearing proper protection could at the very least save your skin, and very well save your life. Luckily for us, we have a rather wide network of riding buddies here in the Baltimore/ Maryland area to help us try out various pieces of gear, and provide you with accurate reviews from real riders – who will likely have the same concerns as you. In keeping with our commitment to be a blog by bikers, for bikers, today we bring you a review of the AGV AX-8 Naked helmet from one of our Lean Angle associates, Ted Redmer.

AX8 Front

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Tradgedy at Laguna Seca

It i with great regret that we relay the following information about today’s round of racing in the MotoAmerica Series at Laguna Seca. On the second lap of today’s race, a multi-bike accident occurred resulting in the loss of life for two of the 1000cc Superbike/ Superstock riders. We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Bernat Martinez and Daniel Rivas Fernandez.


Martinez, of Valencia Spain, was transported to Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula by ambulance where he succumbed to injuries. He was 35 years old and had extensive experience including 7 races of the Moto2 World Championship series in 2010 and a podium finish at MotoAmerica‘s first round this season at Road Atlanta.


Fernandez, of Moana Galicia, Spain was transported to Natividad Medical Center via helicopter, where he also succumbed to injuries. Fernandez was 27 years old and boasted previous experience on a multitude of Moto2 Machines, as well as a recent second place finish at Aragon as part of the FIM CEV Repsol Championship in the Superbike class.

This is truly a dark day for the recently blossoming MotoAmerica Series. “I really don’t have any words to describe what we all feel,” said MotoAmerica president Wayne Rainey.

Our thoughts go out to both rider’s family and friends involved in the incident. May both riders Ride In Paradise. We will keep you posted on any updates as they become available.

Hunter S. Thompson: The Song of The Sausage Creature

Unfortunately, the Lean Angle crew is on vacation this week. And while normally our vacations would consist of switch-back turns, open straightaways and the distinct smell of leather and high-test gas, we are bike-free at the beach due to an archaic condo association who discriminates against motorcycles and trailers. So while we sit on the beach drinking Coronas and taking in the sun, we are forced to take in as much moto-literature as possible. This brings us to today’s post: an excerpt from everyone’s favorite gonzo journalist: Hunter S. Thompson. Believe it or not, Thompson was an avid biker, and when Cycle World commissioned him for a review of the Ducati 900SS back in ’95, he would pen one of the most memorable moto-stories of all time…


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Group Riding: Now That’s Something Everyone Can Enjoy

One of the best things that motorcycling brings us is our sense of independence. The ability to slip on your helmet, drop the bike into gear, and leave the “real world” behind for a few hours (or days) at the twist of a throttle is one of the greatest parts about getting your boots in the wind. But every now and then, its great to get together with a couple of your closest friends and ignite the back-roads with the sounds of exploding fuel is just what you need for a taste of “community” in your rides. And while riding in large groups is an awesome feeling, there are some differences from normal riding which you should know.

Photo: Elliot Gauer

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Fastest Medic on Two Wheels: An Interview with Dr. John Hinds

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, last week the road racing world lost a legend. This particular legend didn’t have a high-profile name, nor did he have any huge merchandise trailers, or even a dedicated number. No, Dr. John Hinds is a rider you’ve probably seen tons of times, but never knew who he was, until his tragic passing last week after a wreck at the Skerries Road Races in Dublin Ireland.

Dr. Hinds was one of the unsung heroes of motorcycling. Always there to ride fast, but equally as fast to a riders side in the event of a wreck. He traveled around the world to tracks, races, outings, and any other event where bikes went fast to lend his expertise in moto-medicine.

We found the below interview with Dr. Hinds discussing some of the technicalities, risks, and jokes of motorcycle road racing. The video is rather long, but if you have 45 minutes, we highly recommend giving it a watch.

Crashing Sucks! How To Handle An Unexpected Get-Off

“There are two types of riders, those who have been down, and those who are going down”. We’ve all heard the saying. And chances are, that you have been lectured by friends, family, or even complete strangers about how someone they know’s brother’s sister’s cousin was injured or killed on a bike. And as much as we all get annoyed with being lectured about how we shouldn’t do something we love because its dangerous, this phenomenon happens for a reason.

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Is Marquez the New Biaggi?

Long-time followers of MotoGP will remember the rivalry spurned in the smaller-bike classes between Valentino Rossi and Max Biaggi. But after this weekend’s battle between Marquez and Rossi at Assen, are we seeing the birth of the newest MotoGP rivalry?

It’s no secret that Marquez and Rossi have definitely been two of the sport’s top competitors up to this point. But the contact in the corner, and each rider’s comments afterwards is giving us flash-backs to the 2001 season at Suzuka and Catalunya. Although, that one-fingered wave seemed to be missing this time.

Many believe the Rossi/ Biaggi rivalry helped to bring MotoGP into a worldwide spotlight and grow the sport. All we know is, if we get to see more head-to-head battles between The Doctor and the Prodigal Son, we certainly wont be complaining.