Slab to the Flat Track: A Morning With CafeRacerXXX and Triumph America

We started the morning off at 9:30 sharp to head out and meet the rest of the group. Chris, Lean Angle‘s resident GSX-R guy, and Ben both decided to join on this one as well. We fueled up at the local Shell station, checked tire pressures, and grabbed a Red Bull before putting the kickstands up and heading North. On our way out of the city, we decided it was ample time for everyone else to be awake in our neighborhood as well, so we gave them a nice wake up alarm on our way to the highway. Our first stop would be Druid Hill Park to meet up with a few other riders and the ride’s organizers.

We arrived at the park and were greeted by Andrew from BMoreMoto, along with the folks from CafeRacerXXX and DCMotobabes. That certainly wasn’t our limit though as we also joined a slew of Triumphs, and a sprinkling o just about every other make on the road. We held an initial meeting before heading out going over hand signals and what our day would include. After the meeting, one group headed out to get fuel while the rest of us waited about 15 minutes before meeting them  and heading out to begin the official ride. Our trek was set to be “slab” the whole way. Interstate 83 to 695 and out 70 before a stop in Frederick for lunch.

Our stop  was at Fredericktown Yamaha where they welcomed us with open arms (and an open parking lot) and even bought us a whole bunch of pizza, soda, and water. They even let us poke around the shop for about an hour before DC the folks from  CafeRacerXXX let us know they would be starting a raffle for everyone who came on the ride and began picking names out of the hat. They had arranged so many donations from folks at VETMotorsports, Fredericktown Yamaha, 515 Moto, Lowside Magazine, DCMotobabes, and many more, that everyone walked away with some pretty sweet swag. .

We left Fredericktown Yamaha and kept West on 70 towards Hagerstown. The group actually got split in two at one point and Lean Angle actually ended up leading the ride out for a bit. We stopped on the highway just before our exit to wait for the rest of the group, as they had gotten split up from us at one of the lights in Frederick. Then we exited onto the surface streets which lead us to Hagerstown Speedway. We parked, got some eat pictures of the group, and looked around for a bit. Unfortunately, the races weren’t slated to begin for a few hours, and Chris and I had to head back home.

We decided on the ride home that we were sick of the highway and would need a more fun, yet still fast route. Being familiar with the already, we blasted down 70 before getting off in Frederick and taking 144 for a large portion of the ride until Mt. Airy. But not without a quick detour out rt. 75  and rt. 80 before coming back to 144 via Barthollows Rd. and Bill Moxley Rd. where I had to stop to pay respects to an old friend. From Mt.Airy, we took rt. 40 to river rd before crossing over 32 to get back to 144. We jumped onto the beltway before ending our day with some grilling ad swimming at the High-roller Hideout. By the time we finished, our day was between 150 and 200 miles, but who’s counting? The real measure of a good morning is the time spent with friends and taking in the experience.

Until next time friends, keep it shiny side up. And remember, when life throws you a curve, lean into it.


How To: Reduce Your Stopping Distance

Photo: Nick Ienatsch

As you well know, we here at Lean Angle are always interested in the evolving art of motorcycle safety and becoming a better rider. What you may also know, is that everything on a motorcycle happens faster. The Hurt Report even shows that the average incident on a motorcycle leaves the rider with 2 seconds or less to react.

So today we wanted to share a recent write up from Nick Ienatsch over at Cycle World. The article focuses on a fairly basic concept: how to position your throttle hand to obtain maximum reaction time and braking performance.

Give it a read and try it out. It may take some getting used to at first, but if it turns out that you ever have to benefit from that extra quarter second, you’ll be glad you had it.

IENATSCH TUESDAY: Fingers Up It’s a great way to improve your intersection health.

Hurt Report: The Numbers Behind Motorcycling

Back in the 1980’s USC conducted a study, largely funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about the statistics of riding a motorcycle in the greater Los Angeles area. This data draws determinations from over 3,600 motorcycle accidents in that geographic area. Despite what you may think, the name “Hurt Report” has nothing to do with injuries resulting from motorcycling, but rather the name of the lead researcher, Harry Hurt.

This report is where we get statistics such as:

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Shredding Tires: Lean Angle Goes to The Track

While we place a fairly heavy focus on safety over here at Lean Angle, we’d be lying if we said that our rides never got a bit more…”spirited” than appropriate for public roads. That’s the beauty of sportbikes right? Purpose-built machines designed to take corners fast, and come out of them faster.  But we know that these bikes aren’t really made for the street, in fact, its pretty common knowledge that some manufacturers build bikes to compete in the AMA/ WSBK racing leagues, and then throw some lights on to make them “street legal”. So last Friday, some of the Lean Angle crew decided to do exactly what everyone says…”Take it to the track”. So we loaded up the bikes, dusted off the chase rig and headed west, to take in the turns at Summit Point Motorsports Complex.

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We’ve Been On A Bit Of A Ducati Kick Lately…

Check out this crazy “Matador Street Fighter” from the guys over at Radical Ducati. Its based on a worked over 1198SP motor, full Ohlins suspension,  and more custom bits than you can shake a stick at. A full list consists of:

-RAD 02 Aluminium frame
-RAD 02 Aluminium subframe
-RAD 02 Aluminium swingarm
-RAD 02 ergal triple clamps yokes
-Ohlins front fork
-Brembo calipers
-Discacciati Brake and Clutch radial pump
-Discacciati  rotors
-Domino quick open gas throttle
-RAD 02 ergal clip ons
-RAD carbon fiber front mudguard
-RAD carbon fiber rear mudguard
-Discacciati rear barke kit with support ,200mm rear rotor and four piston caliper
-Ohlins rear schock
-RAD 02 Ergal regulable rear height rod
-Rizoma footrest
-Ducati 1198 SP engine: ported heads, light flywheel, EVR antihooping clutch
-Febur race water radiator
-RAD 02 carbon fiber airbox with Jet Prime special air intakes with holders for injectors.
-Super Mario 2 in1 exhaust system
-RAD “tail fish” megaphone
-RAD carbon fiber bellypan
-NGK race spark cables.
-RAD 02 electrical wiring
-Aviacompositi race dashboard
-Baylistic LIPO battery
-ITX aluminium forged wheels
-RAD 02 aluminium fuel tank
-RAD 02 carbonfiber Corsa Evo solo seat
-RAD front plate number
-Weight : 138 kg

Photos: Del Perro