After Action Report: Bikes, Bees, and Boats

The week back after a vacation is always the roughest. It’s no different here at Lean Angle. After a hectic week consisting of not only publishing our usual rider profiles, but also the launch of Lean Angle’s first shirt (which we are setting up a group buy on by the way), a wonderful weekend of two wheeled twisties is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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Group Riding: Now That’s Something Everyone Can Enjoy

One of the best things that motorcycling brings us is our sense of independence. The ability to slip on your helmet, drop the bike into gear, and leave the “real world” behind for a few hours (or days) at the twist of a throttle is one of the greatest parts about getting your boots in the wind. But every now and then, its great to get together with a couple of your closest friends and ignite the back-roads with the sounds of exploding fuel is just what you need for a taste of “community” in your rides. And while riding in large groups is an awesome feeling, there are some differences from normal riding which you should know.

Photo: Elliot Gauer

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Shredding Tires: Lean Angle Goes to The Track

While we place a fairly heavy focus on safety over here at Lean Angle, we’d be lying if we said that our rides never got a bit more…”spirited” than appropriate for public roads. That’s the beauty of sportbikes right? Purpose-built machines designed to take corners fast, and come out of them faster.  But we know that these bikes aren’t really made for the street, in fact, its pretty common knowledge that some manufacturers build bikes to compete in the AMA/ WSBK racing leagues, and then throw some lights on to make them “street legal”. So last Friday, some of the Lean Angle crew decided to do exactly what everyone says…”Take it to the track”. So we loaded up the bikes, dusted off the chase rig and headed west, to take in the turns at Summit Point Motorsports Complex.

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Let The Games Begin

With the snow melting and the rain clearing all the salt and sand off the roads in the Mid-Atlantic, the Lean Angle crew are gearing up and ready for the 2015 season. We have spent the last few weeks doing maintenance, and buttoning up those last few upgrades in time to seize our first heat wave or warm weather. But the time has come to begin plans for this season. Continue reading

Free PA Motorcycle Safety Classes


While Lean Angle‘s primary area of operations is the Baltimore-DC Metro area, we quite often find our rides heading north and crossing into the Keystone State. Pennsylvania’s open farmland, rich history, and Appalachian location provides an optimum haven for motorcyclists and the state wants to make sure its riders are as safe as possible. Continue reading