After Action Report: WPGC BikeFest/ MIROCK Drag Bikes at MIR!

On this beautiful sunny Sunday, the Lean Angle crew took it upon themselves to link up with a few more riders from BMoreMoto and plan a trip down to Southern Maryland for WPGC BikeFest and the MIROCK Superbike Series at Maryland International Raceway.


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The Weather Has Arrived

It’s been a big day for Lean Angle. Not because we have a new product to review or bike to feature, but because today was our first 60 degree day here in the Mid-Atlantic. You all know what that means…riding season is officially here! We began today with our first moto-commute of the season and have to say, it felt wonderful. The weatherman is calling for 50-60 degree temps all week, so get out there on two wheels and lose yourself for a while.

If you do decide to partake in this wondrous sunshine mother nature has gifted us, Lean Angle reminds you to ride safe. There is still some sand/ salt on the roads, pothole repairs are nowhere near complete, and the drivers in cars have spent the last 5 months forgetting that motorcycles exist on the roadways. Aside from that, we all know that the first ride after a long winter can be a bit aggressive. Remember, we have an entire season in front of us, and we want you around for it!

Ride Safe.

Kawasaki’s New H2/R: What you need to know.


There are, without a doubt, two clear front-runners this year with regards to new machines and technical innovations brought to the motorcycling community. It’s no secret that the new R1/M from Yamaha (which we will discuss in a later post), and Kawasaki’s new H2/R have made drastic statements about how much power can be squeezed between two wheels.

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Let The Games Begin

With the snow melting and the rain clearing all the salt and sand off the roads in the Mid-Atlantic, the Lean Angle crew are gearing up and ready for the 2015 season. We have spent the last few weeks doing maintenance, and buttoning up those last few upgrades in time to seize our first heat wave or warm weather. But the time has come to begin plans for this season. Continue reading