Sick Lean X Lean Angle Shirts Now Available!

Yesterday, We brought you a rider spotlight on Jonathan Ringeisen, a vet and CCS racer living the moto dream through his race-inspired clothing line Sick Lean. We had such a great time working with him that we decided to link up to bring you the very first Sick Lean & Lean Angle Moto Collaboration T-Shirt!

Squeeze Twist Slide Lean T-Shirt
Doctors say you should eat 3 square meals a day. We here at Lean Angle are┬áhungry for a fourth though, so we bring you our collaboration featuring the four square meals of cornering: “Squeeze, Twist, Slide, Lean”!

Check out the “Shop” Tab at the top of this page to visit the Sick Lean Store and place an order for one for yourself!


Rider Review: AGV AX-8 Naked Helmet

Here at Lean Angle, we are all about wearing proper gear. Its our opinion that, in certain situations and unexpected get-offs, wearing proper protection could at the very least save your skin, and very well save your life. Luckily for us, we have a rather wide network of riding buddies here in the Baltimore/ Maryland area to help us try out various pieces of gear, and provide you with accurate reviews from real riders – who will likely have the same concerns as you. In keeping with our commitment to be a blog by bikers, for bikers, today we bring you a review of the AGV AX-8 Naked helmet from one of our Lean Angle associates, Ted Redmer.

AX8 Front

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Easter: All About Cheating Death

This Easter here in the Mid-Atlantic, many riders were faced with a difficult decision. You see, unfortunately, sometimes we have to travel with our loved ones who may not be in the mood to ride at that particular time, or have too much stuff to bring on a motorcycle. Which is the precise situation I found myself in. So as a good boyfriend, I decided we’d take the car to brunch with my parents, and head home a bit early so I could enjoy a day of riding. Only, my day didn’t turn out as enjoyable as I hoped…

AGV Save

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